PHM Asia Pacific 2019

  Asia Pacific Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society

  July 23-25, 2019

  call for papers

  Asia Pacific Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2019 (PHMAP 2019) will be held in Beijing, China on July 23-25, 2019. The conference program will include distinguished keynotes by prominent researchers, tutorials for PHM beginners, data challenge competition, and industrial forum presenting high-level trends and best practices. The leading organizers of PHMAP 2019 are PHM Society, Beihang University and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. Participants will have the opportunity to attain synergetic exchange of ideas and practice, and reinforce social network in PHM area. Worldwide academic and industrial leaders in PHM will be invited to give deep insight reports at this conference. All presented papers will be published at International Journal of PHM special issue, and high quality papers will be submitted to other indexed Journals such as IFAC Journals (EI), Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (SCI) and Reliability Engineering and System Safety (SCI), etc. This conference will recognize outstanding papers as the Best Papers, Best Student Papers and Best Posters Award. Selected excellent papers will be further recommended to peer-reviewed SCI indexing journals after substantial extensions.

  Topics of Interest

  Physics of Failures and Degradation

  Model-based Prognostics

  Monitoring, Diagnostic and Prognostic Methods

  Advanced Sensing Technologies

  Data-driven Prognostics

  Industrial Big Data Analytics

  Condition-based Maintenance

  Anomaly Detection and Process Control

  Remaining Useful Life Prediction

  Accelerated Life and Degradation Test

  PHM Standards, Verification and Validation

  PHM in Smart Manufacturing System

  PHM for Electronics, Components and MEMS

  PHM for Automotive, Marine and Heavy Industry

  PHM for Energy and Smart Grid Applications

  PHM and Reliability Design for Software

  Industrial Internet of Things and Cloud Computing for PHM

  Maintenance Activities Planning and Scheduling Optimization

  Hazard Modeling and Risk Assessment

  Important dates

  Abstract due

  January 15, 2019

  Abstract acceptance

  February 7, 2019

  Notification of acceptance

  May 15, 2019

  Conference General Chair

  Prof. Jing Lin, BUAA, China

  Conference Co-Chair

  Prof. Joo-Ho Choi, KAU, Korea

  Prof. David He, UIC,USA

  Prof. Hongzhong Huang, UESTC, China

  Prof. Hongfu Zuo, NUAA, China

  Steering Committee

  Prof. Peigen Li, Member of CAE

  Prof. Bohu Li, Member of CAE

  Prof. Bingheng Lu, Member of CAE

  Prof. Jinji Gao, Member of CAE

  Honorary Chairs

  Prof. Jay Lee, Univ. of Cincinnati, USA

  Andrew Hess, PHM Society, USA

  Prof. Byeng Youn, SNU, Korea

  Prof. Robert B. Randall, UNSW, Australia

  Prof. Marco Macchi, PUM, Italy;

  Prof. Uday Kumar, LTU Sweden;

  Prof. Yasushi Umeda, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

  Organizing Committee Chairs

  Prof. Chen Lu, BUAA, China

  Prof. Huaqing Wang, BUCT, China

  Prof. Lingli Cui, BJUT, China

  Duo Liu, CAICT, China

  Xiaohui Yu, CAICT, China

  Dr. Zongchang Liu, CyberInsight, China

  PHMAP2019 Data Challenge

  Data Challenge Committee

  Data Challenge Chairs

  Zhiqiang Zhang,CRRC Sifang,China

  Dr. Wenjing Jin,CyberInsight,China

  Special Sessions

  During the PHMAP 2019 Conference, 16 special sessions will be provided for all participants, which cover all interesting topics in the fields of fault diagnosis, prognostics, reliability and system health management.

  International distinguished experts from industries and institutions will give an excellent speech at each special session.

  Industrial Internet and PHM as a Service

  Machine Intelligence Augmented PHM

  System Engineering Design of PHM for Complicated and Fleet Systems

  Advances in PHM and Reliability Engineering for Aviation and Aerospace System

  Advances in Deep Learning Neural Network for PHM

  Autonomous Powering and Wireless Sensor Network

  Smart Operation and Maintenance for Wind Farms

  Smart Factory Applications for the 4th Industrial Revolution in Consumer ElectronicsIndustry

  PHM for Railway Transportation Systems

  PHM for Communication Networks and Internet Data Centers

  Bearing and Gear Prognostics and Diagnostics

  PHM for Smart and Connected Vehicles

  Engine Health Management

  Structure Health Monitoring

  Reliability Engineering

  Battery & Fuel Cell Health Management

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